Oberon Initiatives Inc. is a company built around people with proven track record in the field of Commercial Energy Efficiency Program promoted by various utility companies. We source our tailor made lighting solutions with UL, ETL, DLC and Energy Star certifications so that you get the best, safest and trouble free products that work for your business for years to come.

Our energy and lighting auditors assess your current lighting system for absolutely no charge and suggest solutions that will save you current energy costs as well as annual maintenance costs. It also helps your business achieve higher and better illumination, alternatively improving the performance of your business. This service is totally free of cost.


Hi-Light Energy Systems is a leading energy efficiency provider serving Long Island and Metro New York. The firm offers businesses substantial savings on their energy costs through the reduction of energy consumption directly related to LED, T-5 and T-8 lighting upgrades in commercial, industrial, institutional, non-profit and retail applications. Hi-Light Energåy System’s services include design and layout of lighting projects to optimize payback on investment, turn-key installation services (if requested), PSEG rebate coordination and complete project management. Providing affordable energy solutions since 2004, Hi-Light Energy Systems has the people, products and expertise to exceed expectations and deliver the highest level of customer service in the industry. See the Light….Hi-Light Energy Systems.





The Cotocon Group is a leading source of technical expertise for increasing the efficiency of buildings through better energy management. Our comprehensive services help clients understand their current energy performance, assess the strengths and weaknesses of their portfolios, and then determine and implement feasible solutions to effectively improve energy performance.


Since 1993, DSM Engineering Associates has been providing our clients with the best energy solutions possible by Finding the Fit for their facilities. Finding the Fit means finding the energy solution that our clients want to implement, because our solution fits their objectives and fulfills needs of the facility. In tandem with fulfilling client objectives and facility needs, reducing the energy footprint of a facility is always a goal of our projects. A smaller energy footprint means the facility has less of an impact on the environment (and its owner’s wallet), a process we like to call Low Carbon Engineering.


As a data-driven, clean tech service company we focus on A/C efficiencies and demand reduction. Founded in 2009,® concentrates on an underestimated efficiency problem that develops in cooling systems as they are exposed to the elements: the corrosion and fouling of air-cooled condensers. Our flagship product, Enercoat™, is a graphene powered performance coating that lasts for a decade, providing ongoing increased energy efficiency and extending the lifespan of existing cooling systems. The Enercoat™ Treatment restores optimal performance in air-cooled condensers. We apply the graphene powered polymer Enercoat™ throughout the coils. In this process, metal connections are reestablished, heat exchange capacity improves and future corrosion prevented, leading to greater and lasting energy efficiency.® measures and verifies results using remote sensors per IMPVP®-Option-B protocols. Clients can now monitor their restored unit data in real-time via our cloud-based Energy Performance Dashboard. The Treatment Service is a non-invasive, environmentally safe process that consists of a performance baseline, the surface preparation, the Enercoat™ application and the performance data review. is a proud member of the Con Edison Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Energy Efficiency Program Market Partner Network. The company is also a proud member of the United States Green Building Council.