We are delighted that you will be exhibiting in this interactive full-day exposition.

If you have any questions or concerns about the event, please contact the event producer, Sacks Communications, Inc.:  Krista Gobins at kgobins@sackscom.com T: 212.756.1236 ext. 104.

Directions & Parking
To reach the Exhibit Area at the Hilton from the Long Island Expressway, take Route 110 South to Spagnoli Road (you will pass one of the Hilton entrances) and make a right. Take Spagnoli to Carlin Court and make a right. You will access the Exhibit Area via the Grand Ballroom entrance located by the gazebo.

If you are taking Route 110 North from the Southern State Parkway, you will make a left onto Spagnoli (please use Gossip Bar and Tutor Time as your landmarks). Take Spagnoli to Carlin Court and make a right. You will access the Exhibit Area via the Grand Ballroom entrance located by the gazebo.

If you intend to ship your display in advance, you may do so between October 25 and October 28, 2015. Please make sure that the label includes the following information: your name, company, and booth number. Show representatives will not be held responsible for shipments nor will they inspect materials upon arrival.

Please mark all shipments with the following:
Hilton Long Island
Attn: Brittney Scott
2015 Energy Efficiency Conference 
598 Broadhollow Road
Melville, NY 11747
(631) 577-1539

All exhibitors must unload, set-up and strike their own booth(s).

Exhibitor Booth Format
Exhibitor booths are 10’ wide x 8’ deep. All promotional materials are restricted to the front area of your booth(s). Your booth fee includes the following items:

  • Skirted Table with Linen Top
  • 2 Chairs
  • Internet (if requested)
  • Electricity (if requested)

Booth Rules
Each booth must have at least one person manning it during all show hours.

Each exhibitor is responsible for his or her own equipment and merchandise. The Hilton Long Island, PSEG Long Island, nor any of their respective officers, service contractors, or employees, shall be responsible for any damage suffered by an exhibitor, agents or employees, in transit to, at, or leaving the show, whether from theft, fire, or any other cause. Exhibitors desiring insurance on their goods must secure set insurance at their own expense.

Please note the following additional information:

  • If your electrical cords are less than 10-feet long, it is advised to bring an extension cord(s).
  • The Hilton Long Island does not provide storage space for empty crates and boxes. Each exhibitor will be responsible for storage of his or her crates and boxes.
  • All pallets and big displays have to be removed by the exhibitor. If removal becomes necessary, the exhibitor will be charged a fee to have these items removed.
Exhibitors will be responsible for any physical damage to their booth space(s) in the Hilton Long Island that occurs during the show (i.e. damage to the floor or walls).